A gift for the choir director?

He has only been in this position for four months, but it’s already evident that George, the newly appointed choir director, is lacking interest in his position.  For one thing, he has not shown up for rehearsal four times, and when he is here, he seems distracted and disinterested.  Granted, this is a volunteer position, and there didn’t seem to be a mob of folks clamoring for the job, so perhaps he should be commended for stepping up to the plate.  Maybe somebody guilted him into accepting this responsibility, but it would have been better for everybody if he hadn’t agreed, since he seems to be totally lacking in leadership abilities, motivation, or musical talent.  In fact, I think the guy is tone deaf, but the worst part is, he obviously does not want to be here.

Last week, when George did grace us with his presence, he let Marisa badger him into giving  her a solo.  She doesn’t have a bad voice, but she has no stage presence at all, and even George can see that.  He did halfheartedly try to reason with her, since even he can see she is simply not suited for this role, which requires an exuberant, larger than life personna.   Marisa stands stiffly in front of the microphone and looks totally out of her element on stage.  She grasps the mike as if she’s afraid it will take off and leave her standing there alone.  This choir has a number of seasoned professionals, and any one of them could have done a far better job than Marisa, but George, passive soul that he is, let her wear him down, apparently too weary to put up a fight.

I could give many other examples of how George is in over his head, causing this choir to go downhill fast.  The one bright spot is that he told us he is leaving after our annual summer performance, and things can only get better from there, regardless of who takes over.  The problem is that Christy Michaels is talking about taking up an offering from all the choir members for a send-off gift, and Christy, being who she is, thinks the present should be extra special.   Extra special usually  translates into extra expensive, and I’m just not feeling it in this case.

George may be a nice enough guy, but he is a terrible choir director.  He couldn’t even handle the children’s program we recently put on, and, Diana, one of the mothers had to step in and guide the kids, which is the only thing that saved the performance.  It’s bad enough to let adults down, but I hate it when you can’t keep your commitments to the kids.  Diana has also been the one to take over for the adult choir during George’s absence.  Why not recognize her instead?  It’s not a financial thing for me.  I would gladly contribute for Diana’s gift, but why should George be rewarded just because he has the title and Diana be overlooked, because she doesn’t?  It seems totally unfair.

I don’t know if anyone else in the choir is having this quandry.  I haven’t asked around.  There’s some people with really big mouths, and I don’t want to stir up a big controversy, since we have to see each other on a regular basis, and I’m sure George would quickly be advised of who the trouble maker is.

Still I can’t deny that this has really been bothering me, and I won’t be able to put off a decision much longer, since Christy intends to approach everyone  next week (When George is out  yet again) to collect and have us convey our sentiments on some ridiculous huge card…I don’t think George will want to see my sentiments.

I’ve been asking some friends what they would do in this situaiton, and the results have been divided with most people saying “Don’t contribute; since he’s doing a lousy job.”  I really hope I don’t get sucked into doing what I don’t want to do.   It doesn’t help that I don’t have a poker face, and my smile would probably be overshadowed by a resentful scowl.  I can see it now.  George is standing  on stage and with a total lack of origninality and requisite humble expression, procalims “You really shouldn’t have.”  I might even have an out of body experience and find myself responding with glee “No, we REALLY shouldn’t have!”


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