Dog ownership, like parenting a child, doesn’t necessarily mean you are responsible enough to do an adequate job.  Every living being needs care, especially when they are totally dependent on you to meet their needs.  Dogs require food, water, visits to the vet, when necessary, training, affection and a human being to pick up their poop.  Since I don’t own a dog, that human being on poop patrol should not be me, and I think my gardener feels the same, which brings me to the problem of people who walk their dogs (or allow them to walk themselves) off-leash with no bag in sight.

Their are three dogs on my block who fall into this category. Two of them appear to be litter mates.  They are cute, off white (though I suspect that underneath the grime, they are just white-white) fluffy, ungroomed boundless bundles of frisky fur.  I have seen them with a man, whom I assume to be their owner, a time or two, but generally they just scamper along together as they please, and what they often please is to relieve themselves on my front lawn.  When I sit on my porch and these two attempt to do their thing, I have managed to intercept them by yelling for them to stop.  A couple of times the ringleader of the two has been nervy enough to give a few little barks in response, but the two of them run off, presumably to greener (or at least less populated) pastures.

One day my daughter caught the owner, with nary a bag or leash in sight, allowing the little dogs to romp around in our front yard while he stood on the sidewalk, apparently waiting for them to empty their little bladders and whatever else they felt like emptying.   He did not see my daughter lurking in the doorway, but she stepped out and confronted them.  She can have a bit of an attitude, and I haven’t seen the man walking the dogs since.  It appears that he just sends them out and hides in the house to avoid confrontation from the neighbors.

One day I saw a woman yelling for them to come back as they scampered down the street.  They paid her no mind until they were good and ready to come to her.  As she passed my house, I mentioned the fact that the dogs had pooped on my lawn, and she responded “Oh, those are two dogs that look just like these.”  Uh, yeah, lady…perhaps that’s because they ARE the dogs I’m telling you about!

In any event, it is obviously irresponsible to let your dogs roam around left to their own devices.  For one thing, they could run in the street.  Granted this is a quiet area, but all it takes is one car.  Or they could bite one of the kids riding their bikes and scooters more frequently now that it’s summer vacation.  At the very least, they could be fertilizing my front yard in a way I don’t want, so to all dog owners (especially the ones on my block), I say TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR DOGS.  I will even supply the plastic bags!



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