I just got done watching a movie that I really loved.  Actually I just watched it for the second time.  My oldest daughter, having a hunch that I would enjoy it, recorded it for me.  It’s called People Like Us.  I won’t go into a great deal of detail about it, because that might spoil it for someone who intends to see it, but I can reveal that the ending was powerful, and my tears fell like rain.  I didn’t have to strain to feel the emotion, something I might do just because I feel that there’s tears lodged in my soul that need to be released, and I have to give them a little nudge.  I had the same reaction with the movie “I am Sam.”  Interestingly, Michelle Phiefer was in both of these movies, and they both involved deeply emotional scenes of childhood.  I also loved “When Harry met Sally.”

There are also several books that have evoked strong feelings for me.  The titles are Raising Blaze, Augusta Gone, Manchild in the Promised Land and My Father, Jesus and the CIA to name a few.  I wish I could make a mandate that everyone I love, have loved or may love in the future would watch these movies or read these books.  

Every once in awhile I try to beseech my oldest daughter, another lover of books and writer, to read one of the books I love, but she’s a fiction fan and I’m a non-fiction fan, and she claims she wouldn’t like the material I like to read or watch.  I think otherwise, but you can’t force someone to snuggle up with the book or movie of your choice.

However there seems to be a light at the end of the literary tunnel.  I have convinced/coerced my play daughter, Amber, to watch People Like Us.  No pressure, Amber, but you BETTER LOVE THIS MOVIE. 




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