I have never watched TLC’s Honey Boo Boo show, but already I’ve had it up to here with her.  Well, not her, exactly.  After all she’s just a child, but the incessant commercials are just way too much.  Still, I could handle all the hype until this latest barrage of craziness concerning the scratch and sniff card insert in People Magazine.  I realize I could simply turn off the TV, but the fact is I like to watch “A Baby Story” in the mornings.  Sometimes I watch two or three segments, and that involves an awful lot of advertising…namely Honey Boo Boo.

These commercials about the way the Boo Boo clan smells is, to revive an old-school word, crass.  Perhaps I should be used to it, since few topics appear to be off limits in today’s world, and our veneer of civilized behavior seems to be wearing thinner by the day.  Still these commercials stand out even in a sea of sleasy advertising.  The narrator’s cheery voice informs us that “We’ve seen then; we’ve heard them, and now we are going to SMELL THEM!”  Oh goody!  I can’t be the only one who would prefer not to use that particular sense with the Boo Boo Bunch.  The commercial goes on to reveal smelly armpits, horrible breath and stinky farts.  It is all so disgusting!  I never seem to get used to it’s ick factor either.  Every time it comes on, I cringe  and have started questioning how much I really want to watch “A Baby Story.”  I think I’m moving towards not so much if I have to hear this stinking commercial a million times.

Thank God, I don’t subscribe to People Magazine.  I don’t even like it when those subscription cards fall out.  If I had to behold that “scratch and smell card,” that would put me over the top.  I’m just incredulous that People Magazine apparently feels this is a sensible move to reel in new readers.  Actually I’m even more incredulous if they are right!




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