My friend, Rosie, told me she and her main squeeze, Charlie, went out to dinner and to a comedy club the other night.  Rosie and Charlie are old.  In fact, Rosie is 12 years older than Charlie.  Since Charlie is old, that makes Rosie REALLY old.  Anyway…they sat in the front row (bad idea at a comedy club), and the comediens zeored in and landed on them like bees on honeysuckle.  I don’t know why an elderly couple out for an evening of fun and frivolity is considered amusing, but apparently they are.  The humor was vulgar and “raunchy” according to Rosie, and the comedien, apparently an expert on AIDS and the eldery, informed the crowd that senior citizens are the fasting growing group to contract the virus.  He then stated that he had heard of an old people’s orgy and similar tidbits that passed for humor.  Rosie didn’t say she was squirming in her seat, but I don’t doubt that she was.  If she hadn’t been with Charlie, I’m quite certain she would have gotten up and walked out, but Rosie is an accommodating kind of gal, which also might explain why those rotten comediens are still alive. 

Rosie said there were a bunch of gorgeous young girls at the club, and she and Charlie were by far the oldest people there.  She said she didn’t really enjoy herself.  What she didn’t say is she felt humiliated, but I think she did.  I could hear it in her voice, and, after all, who wouldn’t be!

For goodness sake, people,  Can’t two people who happen to have been on the planet a long time just be treated like everybody else?  Do they have to be considered an odditiy and an opportunity for a no-talent comedien to generate sheepish laughter at their expense?  

The “show” (discomfort) didn’t end till 1:AM.  Rosie is not a night owl, and she said she was half asleep, which probably made her feel even more vulnerable.  It’s so wierd the way younger people either discount or feel free to poke fun at old people.  Seriously, do they really think they will never grow old?  Well, some of them won’t live that long, but that’s not what most people want.  Actually they want to live a long long time in a youthful state.  Right…good luck with that.

Rosie is pretty resillient, so I’m sure she will be fine.  She has certainly weathered far more significant storms.  This incident is just a light drizzle in comparison.   Still it’s not fair that being old makes you a target, and I’m sure there won’t be another late night celebration in the near future and definitely no front seats in an establishment where an old couple is the main act.  


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