I recently read an article about a lesbian couple who attempted to order a wedding cake from a bakery in Oregon.  A Christian married couple owns the bakery. I don’t know the bakery owners, and I’ve never patronized their place of business, but from reading their story, it is clear  they try to live out their beliefs, not just by sitting in a pew on Sundays when the world allows us to be “churchy, but by living out their beliefs in all areas of their lives.  This couple does not say “see you next week” to God when they enter the doors of their business.  They invite Him into their bakery, and that seems to be a problem for some people.

The  God we serve wants all of us.  He doesn’t want us to put him in a box marked “Open on Sundays” or “Keep Me in the four walls of your place of worship.”  No, this God is pretty radical, and He’s kind of the clingy type.  He wants to hang out with us wherever we go.  He doesn’t want us to be pious and holy at church on Sundays and dancing with the devil on Saturday nights.

Evidently the Christian bakery owners concluded that if they wanted to be in the club, (which in this case is Christianity), they had to be willing to play by the rules and obey the manufacturer’s handbook and everything contained therein.  It’s not that they have a vendetta against gay people.  From my understanding, they have done business with the lesbian couple on other occasions, which makes sense.  If the couple wasn’t familiar with the quality of the products, it is doubtful they would go to the establishment for something as momentus as a wedding cake.

The issue is that the bakery owners  believe that marriage is a covenant ordained by God, between a man and a woman, and even if same sex marriage is legalized in all 50 states,  as the Hewbrew National commercial used to proclaim “We answer to a higher authority.”  I am not trying to stir anybody up here or start a debate.  There is enough of that going on, and if you don’t believe the bible is the Word of God, you are never going to agree with the Christian couple.  In fact, there are a number people who identify as Christians  whohave  capitulated on this issue.  My intent here is not to make a case for traditional marriage (That’s a whole other post) but to align myself with the business owners who made a choice based on their own deeply held spiritual beliefs.

The lesbian couple have filed a complaint against the bakery, a place they have done business with in the past, and I’m assuming had some type of rapport with at one time.  Is this a right step to take  soley because the Christian refuses to bake a cake to commemerate a union  they believe is ungodly?  Why should they have to live with a decision that they feel will displease God?  Everybody wants tolerance, but where is the acceptance for people who don’t share your value system and, therefore, don’t want to take part in it?  Are the bakery owners throwing rocks at the lesbian couple, picketing them, heckling them, affecting their livlihood, trying to convince other bakeries to boycott them so that no one in town will bake them a cake?  Are there no other bakeries in this community willing to take their business?

It seems that some people want more than a live and let live mentality.  They want full on acceptance…the “good housekeeping seal of approval” if you will.  The CEO of Chick Filet stated that HE believed (get that…personal belief) that marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, and look at the can of worms that opened up!

I wonder how far this way of thinking will go.  Will bakeries by picketed by satanists if they balk at creating an “all hail to satan” confection? How about celebration cupcakes for a woman who just had an abortion and is so relieved she wants to have a little get together?  Will Christians be taken to task in those instances too?  Will satanists picket their establishments and try to garner support, because they feel their “civil rights” are being violated?

To try to jeopardize the livlihood of business owners whose big crime is that they are trying live out their faith and support their families is just plain mean spirited and disgraceful.






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