I consider my adult son to be nothing short of a miracle.  His name is Jordan, and he is a River of peace and a conduit of hope in the lives of everyone he touches.  It could have been so different.  Jordan’s father is a habitual criminal.  It’s more than a lifestyle for him.  It is a vocation, one to whom he has remained faithful, which is more than you can say for any of his relationships.  Raymond (the dad) is a textbook case sociopath.  Although I knew he was a thief, a liar and an absent father,  it took my attendance in a college psychology class to learn about his pathology.  Sociopaths have no respect for the law and no permanent attachment to other humans, all of whom are interchangable and expendable.  One woman finally gets tired of your trifling ways and moves on?  No problem, there is always another hungry and vulnerable soul around the corner.  You have lost any connection with your children?  Again, this is easily solved since said needy lady usually comes with one or more dependents.  Little does she know, she will soon be gaining another.

Boys usually want to emulate their fathers, but Jordan is not a drug dealer, drug user, felon, inmate, liar or producer of multiple fatherless children.  He does not destroy everything in his path.  He is solid, dependable, sensitive, caring and sweet.  According to a diagnosis when he was a teen, he also has Asperberger’s Syndrome, which is at the high functioning end of autism.  This makes him even more of a hero to me.  Even though he qualifies to collect SSI, he doesn’t.  Interestingly, his father does.  My son has held a job for many years, drives a car, has many friends and puts money away in his savings account from every paycheck.  His sisters and I live in California.  He lives in Colorado. Prior to that, he lived in Arizona. He is not the least bit dependent on anybody and draws people to him whereever he goes.

I’ve known for quite awhile that Jordan longs to experience a loving relationship with a woman.  He’s tall and attractive and he has dated quite a bit and met his share of crazies or women who take advantage of his sweet disposition.  I believe that Jordan is not quite as naive and trusting as he once was, and that’s a very good thing.   When we talked on the phone yesterday, he told me about a young widow in Nebraska who has two young children.   He and Joanna agreed to meet each other in Idaho after talking on the phone for quite awhile.  Apparently it went very well.   Jordan doesn’t usually mention the women he meets to me, but he did tell me about this one.  She is a country girl who lives in the middle of nowhere, not a savvy, street smart, cynical city girl.  That, alone, makes her sound like a good match for my son.  Neither are into the bar scene.  They both enjoy nature and the outdoors, staying active but also enjoying a good movie and popcorn at home.  Jordan is sweet and kind with children and is willing to accept a ready-made family as well as add one or two more to the mix.  I have always  wanted Jordan to find someone who appreciates and accepts him for who he is.  He is a great guy now, but I’m sure he will blossom and flourish with the love of a good lady by his side.

I know it’s too early in the relationship to place bets on whether this is the real thing, I’m praying that lasting love will find him, either with Joanna or somebody else, because he deserves it, and whoever gets Jordan will be a very blessed woman. Jordan is definitely an answer to prayer….a bonafide miracle man as far as I am concerned.




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