I have recently told God that I am open to having spiritual dreams.  I think the scripture says that your old men (women too, I’m sure) will dream dreams and your young men will have visions.  If that’s the case, I am unlikely to have visions, but one can always hope.  For a while I was diligent about keeping a pad and pen on my night stand, always at the ready to record significant dreams even if I woke up in the middle of the night, but I never actually did it.  I have had a few dreams where the meaning seemed clear, but, for the most part, I have no idea what my dreams are trying to communicate to me. Often, as I awake, I only have a vague recollection of what I dreamed, or if I do remember, I always think it will stay with me, and I can wait till later to go over it in my head or write it down.  I don’t know why I think my brain will retain the dreams in all their splendor.  Usually I can only recall bits and pieces and even though I try hard to recapture the main parts, it all seems to fade away like an elusive mist.

Last night I dreamed I was walking outdoors in the early evening.  There seemed to be a threat of rain in the air, and I wondered if I should turn back, because I hadn’t brought an umbrella, but, for some reason, I wasn’t that concerned and decided to proceed down the street.  It was a narrow street, which seemed to be lined with trees on both sides.  I remember the scene seemed exceptionally beautiful with the darkening sky and a few blooms still clinging to the trees branches.  Sure enough a light rain began to fall as the night grew darker.  I wasn’t dressed for damp weather, but since it wasn’t a hard rain fall, I still was not concerned, and, for some reason, I wasn’t cold.  I don’t even recall getting wet.  I was just captivated by the beauty of the evening and filled with contentment as I continued to walk along.  I have no idea what my destination was supposed to be.  

After walking for awhile, other people began to appear as the street widened.  They were all going towards a charming house that was slightly elevated from the street.  There was a small lemon tree in front of the house with the largest, ripest fruit I had ever seen.  Some of the lemons had fallen to the ground.  There seemed to be a couple in the home, but they did not come out.  Everyone was reaching for the lemons.  There seemed to be enough to go around.  I took a few from the ground and also picked a few from the tree.  I noticed there weren’t that many left on the tree, and I thought it would be rude to pick more and not leave what was left for the inhabitants of the house.  I got the feeling these were not ordinary lemons.  They were perfect specimans of what a lemon should look like…bright yellow, large, perfect shape and not a mark on them.  A woman that was picking them had a plastic bag with her, and I asked if she had an extra one.  Apparently she came prepared, but I had no idea I would encounter this tree on my walk.  She had a pleasant demeanor, but at first she said no to me, so I attempted to hold the lemons in my hands without dropping them, and I turned to leave.  A few seconds later, she said she had found another bag, and I put the lemons in the bag, which made them far easier to carry.

When I turned to leave the house seemed to be higher off the ground than I had noticed when I entered the front yard, and I wondered how I had gotten up there, since coming down seemed to be challenging.  I looked for another way down…perhaps stairs or a ladder? Most of us were preparing to leave the property at that point, and someone told me that the couple in the house was newly engaged.  I believe the month was October.  I was glad for them, but I remember feeling envious and wondering if that would ever happen for me, and then the dream ended.




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