There was once a song whose title alludes me.  In fact the only lyrics I can recall are “I’m a little bit country…”I’m a little bit rock n’ roll.”  That’s the way I feel about contemporary Christian music, which I would classify in the soft rock category, and gospel.  I relate to both of them and may prefer one over the other depending on my mood.  These musical styles can really affect the type of church you go to.  I love music, so the praise and worship portion that precedes the message, is very important to me.  

For many years, my kids and I attended a church called The Vineyard, which was pretty white bread and leaned towards a certain style of music.  There was a worship band, and they never played the old hymns, which was fine with me, because I didn’t grow up in the church and was not exposed to them.  The truth is most of them didn’t resonate with me.  The Vineyard played the kind of music that everyone stood up and kind of swayed to, and we all sang along.  Many of the songs were words taken directly from the psalms.  They were touching and sometimes brought tears to my eyes.

Since leaving the Vineyard, I have gone to many other churches.  A few of them have been heavily Latino, and they tended towards kind of an old school, lowrider vibe.  Their music was often loud and amped up with drum riffs.  I liked that style of music too.  Good music is good music no matter what the style, and I’m eclectic enough to enjoy it all.

Later on I attended several predominantly Black churches where gospel music was the order of the day.  It was definitely very far from the Vineyard music, which was so familiar to me, but it was great as well.

I guess my whole point here is I can identify with the song that says “I’m a little bit country…”I’m a little bit rock n’ roll.”  We live in a diverse world, and our music reflects all the cultures of the world.  It is great to worship the Lord in song, and as long as it lifts Him up, it’s all good.


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